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Productivity and Buildings

Why Productivity Matters

In office buildings, the salary cost of staff can exceed energy and maintenance costs and the capital cost of the building by 40 and 200 times respectively over the life of the building. This means that improved staff productivity can deliver huge benefits to organisations. Even a small improvement in worker productivity or absenteeism, delivers a major saving.  

The World Green Building Council report Health, Wellbeing & Productivity in Offices highlights a lack of consideration for indoor environmental quality in building design and operation, despite evidence of productivity improvements between 8-11% as a result of improved air quality alone.

Whilst previously the domain of estates departments, this new approach to building performance incorporates the interests of all sectors of an organisation, with particular relevance to human resources, and business leaders. The WLP+ model aims to create world-class environments that increase productivity by 10% while reducing energy use by 30%. This co-benefit maximises the whole life performance of buildings, supports wider business objectives, and at the same time improves the wellbeing and productivity of staff.

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