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Project Overview

Whole Life Performance Plus

Whole Life Performance Plus (WLP+) is an Innovate UK supported project focussed on improving the working environment for occupants of office buildings.  In understanding the Indoor Environmental Qualities that have a negative impact of the satisfaction of building users and the effect on their productivity and wellbeing, the project will develop knowledge that can be used to optimise working conditions and improve the user experience.

EPSRC funded academic partners from the Low Carbon Building Group of Oxford Brookes University are looking to provide empirical links between indoor environmental conditions and productivity that can be used to tune and maintain building systems to deliver the most productive environments possible, whilst minimising energy consumption and ultimately delivering a greater return on investment for the business owners and operators.

WLP+ is headed by building performance consultants LCMB, working with a consortium of leading industry partners including developers, building operators and owners covering all aspects of the built environment.  

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